Welcome to our farm. Alpacatrax specializes in raising and breeding top quality alpacas for sale to caring families and individuals who want to start or grow their own herds. We also specialize in the production of top quality alpaca fiber for local artisans who appreciate working with fine raw and roved wool. We have included information about our shearing process, the care and feeding of our animals, and a descriptive section for each animal in our foundation herd. We have, at our farm, high-end products made from our fiber which are often mixed with silk, angora or high quality sheep's wool by local artisans, for sale or inspiration. All our products are 100% natural and are not treated chemically (carmelized) to remove vegetable matter, nor have they been bleached or dyed.

Our blue-ribbon herdsires, each from different, well-known lineage, are available to provide stud services to your ladies. Transportation and discounts for multiple breedings are available.

We are located in Columbia County, New York. Our farm consists of 220 acres of prime woodland, wetlands, ridges and of course, fields for grazing. Our farmhouse, summer kitchen, cottage and three barns are well used by our farm family and animals. Out of our large, screened veranda, we overlook the Catskill Mountains. Our pond has wide mouth bass and sonnies and our vegetable garden has grown produce for close to 40 years. We have wonderful fruit trees in our orchard and the lilacs surrounding the yard are incredibly fragrant in early spring.

We hope you find our web pages informative and enjoyable. We have provided information about our alpacas, their pedigree status, fiber and personalities.

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