A Farm for All Seasons

Welcome to our farm. Alpacatrax specializes in in the production of top quality alpaca fiber for local artisans who appreciate working with fine raw fleece, roved fiber and spun wool. We also specialize in raising and breeding top quality alpacas for sale to caring families and individuals who want to start or grow their own herds for fiber purposes. We have included information about our shearing process, the care and feeding of our animals, and a descriptive section for many in our herd.

During the autumn months and for the holiday season, we participate in several, well-known farmers markets in Westchester, Dutchess and Columbia Counties where you can find one-of-a-kind, high quality finished products made from our alpaca fleece. Products range from eye-catching throws and blankets, our own designed foot warmers and fingerless mitts, to unique hats and exquisite shawls, cowls and scarves. For these products as well as for our yarns, alpaca fiber is often mixed with silk, angora or high quality sheep’s wool by the award-winning micro-mill we have worked with for years or by local artisans. Take a look at our product pages for inspiration. All our products are 100 percent natural and are not treated chemically (caramelized) to remove vegetable matter, nor have they been bleached or dyed.

Our cormo sheep wool takes natural or vegetable dyes beautifully and is a wonderful blend with our alpaca in natural colors. Spinners will appreciate our ‘top’ cormo roving and cormo sport or lace weight yarns. Newly added to our herd are several female Black Welch Mountain Sheep with natural black fleeces- nice to spin. We’ll be combining some of this natural black with our darker alpaca this coming year and are eager to experience this fine yarn product.

We’ve provided a history of our farm and its ties to the historic Hudson Valley.

Sales support family farming initiatives, regional agricultural land protection and its natural resources as well as the artisans who love what they do. You will too!