Cormo Sheep Wool & Blended Wool Products

alpacatrax-cormo-wool-knits-04For ordering information and to place an order: please call 914-764-4778 or e-mail us at

Cowls & Scarves

alpacatrax-cormo-wool-knits-01Our 100% naturally colored vanilla cowls measure 50+ inches and 12+ inches wide for super warmth and come in a variety of patterned knits. Also available in natural, vegetable hand-dyed autumn and spring colors. Contact us for availability. Cormo scarves have a lovely hand-finished ruffle and come in a variety of knitted patterns.

Price: $145.00 plus tax and shipping

Hand knitted Hats

alpacatrax-cormo-wool-knits-03Hand knitted hats in a variety of styles from flat topped to slouchy beanie in grays and whites, varied patterns.

Light weight $38.00 plus tax and shipping
Heavier weight $48.00
Heaviest weight (large men’s size) $58.00

Fingerless Mitts & Covered Mittens Blended Alpaca/Cormo

alpacatrax-cormo-wool-knits-02One of our best selling items throughout the fall and winter seasons. Light weight but extremely warm. Limited supply. Colors in light gray and brown. Hand-washable.

Fingerless Mitts $48.00 plus tax and shipping.
Covered Mittens $68.00

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