Cormo Sheep Wool & Blended Wool Products

alpacatrax-cormo-wool-knits-04For ordering information and to place an order: please call 914-764-4778 or e-mail us at

Cowls & Scarves

alpacatrax-cormo-wool-knits-01Our 100% naturally colored vanilla cowls measure 50+ inches and 12+ inches wide for super warmth and come in a variety of patterned knits. Also available in natural, vegetable hand-dyed autumn and spring colors. Contact us for availability. Cormo scarves have a lovely hand-finished ruffle and come in a variety of knitted patterns.

Starting at $95.00 to $145.00

Hand knitted Hats

alpacatrax-cormo-wool-knits-03Hand knitted hats in a variety of styles from flat topped to slouchy beanie in darker and lighter shades of gray, vanilla, light fawn, browns and black textured. We leave it up to our knitting artists to combine our yarns into playful, pleasing patterns with each hat completely unique.

Starting at $62.00 for smaller hats up to $95—for larger and more complicated hand knit patterns.
Custom hat orders available but not approaching the holiday season.

Fingerless Mitts & Covered Mittens Blended Alpaca/Cormo

alpacatrax-cormo-wool-knits-02One of our best selling items throughout the fall and winter seasons. Light weight but extremely warm. Limited supply. Colors in light gray and brown. Hand-washable.

Fingerless Mitts $48.00
Covered Mittens $68.00

Listed pricing does not include tax and shipping.

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