Alpaca Owners and Breeder Association (AOBA)

This is a national organization that was founded to promote and support alpaca breeders. They sponsor a national meeting in the spring and publish a quarterly magazine call Alpacas Magazine, with one issue dedicated to herdsires. They nationally advertise and assist in bringing people interested in alpacas together with alpaca breeders and farms. See them

The New England Alpaca Owners and Breeder Association (NEAOBA)

The NEAOBA is a regional affiliate of AOBA. They can be found at:

The Empire Alpaca Association

The Empire Alpaca Association seeks to promote, educate and support alpaca breeders, owners and enthusiasts around New York State. See them

The Alpaca Registry, Inc.

This organization maintains a national alpaca registry that verifies blood lines and ancestry of all registered alpacas. You can search the Registry’s database online if you are a member of ARI. ARI also sponsors research into alpaca genetics and health. Visit the ARI website for more information.

The Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America (AFCNA)

The AFCNA is an agricultural cooperative formed and owned by alpaca producers in North America for the purpose of collecting and processing alpaca fiber and distributing alpaca fiber and related products and the profit from them to its owners (members). Our goal is to maximize the long-term benefits to our members, the individual alpaca fiber producers, and to the alpaca breeding industry as a whole. Visit them at:

The Cooperative’s purpose is to improve and promote the quality and value of alpaca fiber. The goals are to create a product and market for alpaca fiber and to take advantage of quality processing at reason cost from pooling fiber.

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