Our Farm Family

farm-DaveDave has worked on our farm now for several years – bringing his knowledge of large farm equipment and his love of animals to our herd. He is primarily responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure of the barns, fields and feeding supplies for the animals. He mixes grains, clears and cuts fields and has the never-ending job of road repair to the mile driveway leading to the farm.


George W.George W. hails of southern Columbia County and has a difficult commute to work – about five minutes. He has worked with our animals now for several years and is the contact on all things medical. His favorite activity is meeting up with our long-time vet, Doc Wayne Hassinger of Hassinger Veterinary Service, Ancram NY, and getting his hands on each and every animal to check out their teeth, toe nails and ears. George is also responsible for keeping the barns well stocked and the flies, particularly in the warmer months, at bay with his favorite, Citronella spray!
Farm-Family-NinaNina C. and Rebecca M. rarely sit down. Between now grown kids and her full time job, Rebecca provides needed hands-on assistance for medical treatment and keeping the animals looking good for best fiber results at shearing time. Nina, pictured here, provides backup to everyone and is the newest member of our farm family.
farm-family-tractorOur farm family also consists of various Arnows that help out with all sorts of chores around the farm. This photo shows Eli and Farmer Joe (now deceased) splitting an old elm tree for firewood down by the vegetable garden.


farm-JoeFarmer Joe, (deceased 2011) had been our farmer for the past 35 years, following in the footsteps of his father who also worked on our farm. For many years, he raised Dorset and Suffolk sheep breeds with 75 breeding females producing young lambs for sale in the early spring. His farming operation over the years has included goats, rabbits for breeding, as well as a small herd of young dairy cows raised for milk production. Joe took off several weeks during each summer to Run with the Bulls in Pamplona Spain. With updated equipment, Farmer Joe’s knowledge legacy and new sustainable practices, the farm continues to employ and teach as Joe would have liked it to.
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